Piano City: The Ultimate Destination for New Pianos in Sydney

Ever since artist Luke Jerram popularized the concept of street pianos in Sydney, curiosity for this musical instrument has grown over the years. So if you are looking for brand new pianos Sydney, there are plenty of retail showrooms and private individuals offering competitive prices.

new pianos Sydney
new pianos Sydney

From street pianos to new pianos Sydney has been a home for great pianos. A division of Sieff’s Music stores, Piano City has been offering pianos with a superior playing experience at very affordable costs.

Buying new pianos Sydney offers various options. However, prominence needs to be observed on experts dealing with it. Being a family-operated business since 1981, Piano City offers a wide range of pianos for pianists of all levels.

When you buy piano Sydney in Piano City, their expertise can narrow down your options and help you select the best one based on your requirements. Being the largest retailer of new pianos in Sydney, they offer the best deals because of their ability to get the best prices from their suppliers.

If money is a constraint to buy your dream piano, you can utilize their interest-free finance option. You can take your favorite piano home without having to pay the full amount and without worrying about your budget. This option simply enables you to pay in installments every month until you have fully-paid the piano’s original amount.

Apart from dealing with grand and upright pianos, they also provide digital ones. Being authorized dealers for Yamaha, Beale/Pearl River, acoustic pianos, Yamaha and Roland digital pianos, they deal with brands like Casio, Korg, and Ashton as well.

In addition to this, you can get a piano for rent – whether it is for personal use, festive occasions, and various other events. It is just $45 per month. They also offer various discounts when you buy your rented piano or upgrade to a new one.

If you are a beginner or looking to hone your piano skills, then you can attend their piano tuitions. Their lessons are designed to fulfill the needs of beginners or advanced levels. However, you need to inform them before reserving a place. They also provide after-sales support services such as piano tuning, maintenance, and relocation.

To keep your piano in a good condition, regular tuning is necessary. Since pianos are complex instruments, fine tuning can prevent damage and maintain its overall quality. Instead of bringing your piano to their place, qualified tuners can come to your home and provide tuning services.

Maintaining pianos is quite a labor-intensive job, which involves voicing, regulation, and rebuilding. Since a piano is mostly made of wood, constant rejuvenation is required to get rid of marks and other issues due to weather conditions. Thus, Piano City provides quality maintenance at affordable costs – making your piano play and look like new.

Since pianos are sensitive instruments, moving a piano is risky. If improperly done, it can cause great damage. The company’s professional piano movers can handle piano relocation with ease. So if you are looking for pianos for sale Sydney’s Piano City is your ultimate destination. Visit http://pianocity.com.au to get more details.