Live HV: Your Reliable PD Testing Partner

Electrical testing services should be given attention to avoid network breakdown and minimize safety hazards. Medium and high voltage assets require maintenance and advanced testing equipment in order to keep it alive. In the testing services, possible source of network failure should be diagnosed early to prevent the problems that are harder and more expensive to fix. The best condition assessment tool for medium and high voltage insulation is the partial discharge switchgear.

These can be applied in partial discharge monitoring which is important in tracking the condition of the cables and insulations. Reliable empirical data from the PD monitoring can help you keep tabs on your insulation and make early interventions that will prevent complete failure in the electrical assets.

Live HV is a partial discharge specialist that can help you in fixing many of these issues with your electrical installations by offering reliable partial discharge test equipment for the PD monitoring. These operate online and are, therefore, cheaper. They also offer you consistent data on the partial discharges that engineers and decision makers in the company can use to make early interventions.

Live HV is literally the answer to any industry’s power supply and network problems. It is known for its specialized partial discharge measurement technology that is capable of diagnosing the insulation faults of cables, switchgear, rotating machines, and transformers. The high quality of service that Live HV is capable of is due to their team and their test equipments.

Test engineers of their team are highly skilled in installing switchgear that can identify the source and status of the partial discharge which might cause network issues. They are also capable of making the client understand the situation by providing them a report of their diagnosis. From there, they can make useful recommendations while stating considerations about reliability and safety of the electrical assets. On the other hand, the reliable test equipment used by Live HV is from the leading EU PD testers for the past decade, HVPD.

Live HV is highly skilled in addressing problems rooting from partial discharge. HV failures are usually caused by reduced electrical insulation. Since PD testing can properly assess insulation, it serves as a method of diagnosing problems. Through the Live HV’s online PD testing, clients do not have to worry about the downtimes during the testing cycles.

HV failures are really a serious problem. In fact, aside from expensive replacement and irritating downtime, it is also very dangerous. As an adjustment, Live HV can prevent life threatening accidents from happening through the use of their test equipment. Because of their expertise in partial discharge analysis and testing switchgear installations, they know well if a switchgear is best to be upgraded through retrofit. This allows clients to retrofit electrical assets with precision. They do not have to worry about wasting money on unnecessary retrofits.

The company offers an array of unique services and equipment that will help clients meet various PD testing and monitoring requirements. These are partial discharge testing switchgear, cable partial discharge monitoring, rotating machines partial discharge monitoring, HV commissioning services, thermal imaging, and transformer partial discharge monitoring. Their products sourced from HVPD are available for sale, training, support and information. Some of these products are long shot monitor, PDS insight, multi permanent monitor, coupling capacitor, PD logger, permanent HFCT and handheld PD surveyor.

With the Live HV services, you will get the right set of information and data that will help you locate PD and make the right interventions to maximize on the lifetime of your electrical assets. Browse to find out more.