Essential Car Maintenance Tips Before Autumn Arrives

Autumn is just a few weeks away where a single normal day would start to become shorter, and the following nights will become longer than usual. Before the weather starts to change and become too nasty, it is always a good idea to schedule your beloved KIA for any maintenance and servicing that it needs. The primary reason is to prepare your car for the coming colder months. However, before you go to the nearest dealership for car servicing, you must call their office and ask for the KIA Rio service cost, so you could prepare the necessary amount beforehand.

Why is car maintenance essential before autumn arrives?

Autumn is a lot more different than summer, where your focus was to avoid overheating. During autumn, on the other hand, you need to regularly check your car’s grip on the road and braking system. The temperature can also drop dramatically, so it is also wise to check your car’s heating system. Moreover, days will get dark earlier, so it is essential to make sure to know the KIA service department hours, so you could adjust your time availability and make bookings early. After all, ensuring your car is in tip-top condition before autumn arrives can save you money from expensive headaches.

Below we have listed some essential car maintenance tips you can do in preparation for the Autumn season.

Make sure to check your car’s tyre pressure and tread

While maintaining your car tyres should be one of your top priorities all year round, it is vital not to forget to check them during wetter months. If you haven’t known it yet, the car’s braking distance can significantly increase if the road condition is wet. Depending on your distance from the car in front of you and current speed, you must allow at least 20 seconds distance apart for safe braking.

Moreover, it is also wise to change from regular tyres to winter tyres for better grip and manoeuvrability. To help you with changing tyres, you can always use KIA online service booking, so you won’t have to go personally to their office just to check and book schedules.

Make sure to check your car’s wheel tracking alignment

Aside from your tyres, you should also need to check if the alignment is correct. If the road is wet, you might get caught into an unexpected spin. You can easily know if your car’s tracking alignment is not right by positioning your car’s steering wheel to drive straight. Now, if you see that your car drifts to one side, then its tracking is misaligned. And, if this happens, you must take your vehicle into the car dealership for servicing during their KIA service hours to address the misalignment issue.

Make sure to check your car’s battery

During the autumn season, it’s more likely that you will use your heater more often. And, this will put an added effort on your car’s battery. Also, your car needs a longer time to start during the cold season. To make sure your battery is charging properly, take your car to the nearest dealer for a checkup. Also, you might want to call them first and ask for their KIA Rio service cost before the schedule.

Final Thoughts

Preparing your car for this coming autumn is essential to keep you safe on the road. To know more about the KIA Rio service cost, visit this website,