Business Succession Consulting Services in Japan

How well have you prepared your business for any future changes in leadership at the top tier? Business succession is one of the most critical processes in the life cycle of any business. Whether you are a running a small family business or a Keiretsu corporation, proper management of your transition will lead to overall long term success of your business.  Japan has a long tradition of smooth succession, starting with the Chrysanthemum Throne, with several generations-old businesses which are built to last.  You can incorporate this smooth succession process in your business by contracting our consulting and advisory services.  Business succession is not merely a question of leadership change. It involves numerous other elements including management succession at all levels, business assets and ownership transfer, handling debt, the takeover of the company shares and the financial-related issues such as the inheritance tax and the gift tax.

Business Succession
Business Succession

If you are grappling with a difficult transition and are in need of a business succession advisor, we are here to help you identify critical issues and manage a smooth succession planning for your business. We help your business plan for a future when the key leaders in your organization will no longer be around to steer the success of your business.  Our business succession Tokyo experts carry out an analysis on a case by case basis so as to identify potential issues with your succession plan. We offer expert and professional advice to assist businesses manage this stage in their evolution as seamlessly as possible.  Business succession planning is a multi-stage process and our business succession advisor will be with you at every stage until the transition process is complete and new pairs of hands are ready to take the business to the next level.

Shared philosophy and vision in business succession

One of the key aspects of business succession is a shared management vision and philosophy. It is necessary that the successor understands the reason for the company’s existence and its goals in general.  The business owner must clearly work out the vision and philosophy of the business. Our business succession advisor will work out a succession plan and process which help your business successors fulfill these goals and vision into the future.

Concurrent management during succession planning

As leading business succession Nagoya experts, we understand that the business succession process involves passing on the relay to the next generation of leaders and our succession planning process is designed to have the current and the next generation work concurrently before the actual handover takes place. This allows for better oversight of the next generation of leaders and also, an inter-generational transmission of management styles, skills and ideas.

Whether your business succession process will involve a nominal transfer of shares or a complete transfer of assets or debt, we have a business succession advisor who will offer assistance on how best to handle these complexities during the transition.  We will carry out business valuations and address any potential business succession issues, we will train your successor(s) and carry out an effective inheritance or gift tax planning. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment with our business succession advisor and let us handle your transition process seamlessly and with a great deal of professionalism.

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