Interior designers can make use of 12v LED strip lights to create stunning interior and exterior lighting themes for home decorations. LEDs are far much better than traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs in so many ways. For example;

–      LED builds are very economical in terms of energy consumption

–      They use green and clean energy

–      Can be used anywhere with no wiring

–      Offer a broader spectrum

For interior specialists looking to add a touch of creative artistry to their home décor set up, this led light strips can be widely applied to turn any room into a spectacle.

Here are a few ideas on how 12v LED strip lights can be used to add extravagant looks with a blend of functionality and ample lighting for modern day living home decorations.

Applications of LED strips in the kitchen area

In the kitchen area, LED tape lights can be used to improve functionality and create a brilliant ambience in the room highlighting different features of the decor. Bright LED’s can be installed along the kitchen cabinets, through to the dark corners and other particular surfaces that would need additional illumination for better food preparation.

What’s more exciting about strip lights is that they are so easy to install without clumsy wiring work because they come with their own power supply. Moreover, they come with a simple stick on application.

Setting the tone in the bedroom and the living room

These highly versatile LED strip lights are a great accent for the bedrooms and living space areas. Whether you are looking to create a romantic mood or set an obtrusive shine to add to the beauty of your décor, all you need to do is choose the right light kit to bring out that theme. There are various color options you can choose from all with different intensity and lighting effects.

For these areas of the house, you can apply LED lights to headboards, wall mount decorations, mirrors, along the back of the TV screen or underneath furniture to create a complex modern look.

Highlighting different architectural details

Create a unique and superb look that will simply elevate any setup from the ordinary to extraordinary. You can use the strip lights to highlight areas such as windows, ceiling coves, molding and chair rails, built in cabinetry and stairways among other areas.

In conclusion, there are many ways you can make use of LED strip lights for your interior design projects. All you need to have is high quality LED lighting kits that provide efficient lighting and are long lasting.

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